Två svartklädda män män står utanför en restaurang. De tittar in i kameran. Två svartklädda män män står utanför en restaurang. De tittar in i kameran.

Göteborgs Konserthus A new soundscape with Wesseltoft & Schwartz

Bugge Wesseltoft and Henrik Schwartz bring brand-new energy to beats and electronica. An evening of surprises with inspiration from jazz, rock and bustling dance floors.

Concert length: 1 h 30 min incl. intermission Scene: Stenhammarsalen
360-440 SEK Student 180-220 SEK Young up to 29 180-220 SEK

One is equally at home with jazz, rock and electronica. The other alternates playfully breezy and calm concert hall stylings with bustling dance floors. As a duo, Bugge Wesseltoft and Henrik Schwartz bring a brand-new energy to electroacoustic and beat-based music. 

Keyboardist Bugge Wesseltoft is probably best known today as a member of the jazz trio Rymden. He began his path on the Nordic jazz scene with names like Jan Garbarek, Arild Andersen and Terje Rypdal, ultimately becoming a pioneer in future jazz and a founder of music label Jazzland. 

Producer, composer and pianist Henrik Schwartz has composed music for ballet and films, worked on arrangements for string quartets, and much more. His remixes of Michael Jackson, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Boy George and more have made it to dance floors around the world, while huge names like Coldplay and Mary J. Blige have queued up to work with him as a producer. 

Together, these two defy all limits. Over and over, they paint new tonal landscapes combining minimalism with baroque or smoky jazz. High tension is punctuated by lingering piano phrases and intense digital chatter; spread-out notes are moulded into clear chord progressions and gently progressing rhythms. This collaboration has no equal and charges electroacoustic, beat-based music with a brand-new energy. 


Get to know Bugge Wesseltoft och Henrik Schwartz.

Monday 26 May 2025: The event ends at approx. 21.00


Bugge Wesseltoft & Henrik Schwartz

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