Göteborgs Konserthus David Bowie: The Berlin Trilogy

Event has already taken place. Gothenburg Symphony, Magnus Carlson, Motoboy, Jennie Abrahamson, the Symphonic Choir and conductor Hans Ek.

Concert length: 1 h 55 min incl. intermission Scene: Stora salen
420 SEK Student 100 SEK Group rebate 30 SEK/ticket (at least 15 people)

Event has already taken place

A celebration of David Bowie, based on the albums of the Berlin Trilogy: Low, Heroes and Lodger.

Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, Magnus Carlson, Motoboy, Jennie Abrahamson, Gothenburg Symphonic Choir and conductor Hans Ek will perform David Bowie’s classic songs from his successful career, with a natural finale in Where Are We Now from 2013, where Bowie looks back on his time in Berlin.


Music made with producer Brian Eno in a creative explosion where the Berlin Wall became a symbolic watershed for David Bowie’s creativity, going from punchy pop tunes to symphonically coloured, electronic music. Heroes gave a whole generation a voice, and became a powerful battle cry for all those who wanted to shape their lives on their own terms.


Bowie Low Suite

Bowie Word on a Wing

Bowie Warszawa

Weill Ballade of the Drowning Girl from Das Berliner Requiem 3 min

Reed Berlin

Hütter Trans-Europe Express

Bowie "Heroes"

Intermission 25 min

Glass First movement from Symphony No. 4 "Heroes" 8 min

Bowie Blackout

Bowie Sense of Doubt

Bowie Sons of the Silent Age

Bowie Fantastic Voyage

Bowie African Night Flight

Bowie Look Back in Anger

Bowie Ashes to Ashes

Osterberg The Passenger

Eno Under Stars

Bowie Blackstar


Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Hans Ek conductor

Göteborgs Symfoniska Kör manskör

Magnus Carlson solist

Jennie Abrahamson solist

Moto Boy solist

Jonas Östholm keyboard

Oskar Nilsson elbas

Niklas Lind trummor

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