Göteborgs Konserthus Family Concert: Hux Flux

A swinging sing-along show with Eva J Kristeberg, Åsa Ericsson, Anna Segerbrant to the tones of a harp with musicians from the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.

Concert length: 1 h Scene: Stenhammarsalen
190-260 SEK Children 95-130 SEK

Hux Flux is a fast-paced sing-along show that we perform together with our audience. The songs might be new to many, but they are easy to learn and swingingly encourage the audience to join in. Some of the lyrics in the show have been written by children. They are tales, large and small, about life and how even the smallest details of each day can be an adventure. Here to the tones of a harp.

Look into Gothenburg Concert Hall


Musiker ur Göteborgs Symfoniker

Eva J Kristeberg soloist

Åsa Ericsson soloist

Anna Segerbrant soloist

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