Event has already taken place. Gageego! celebrates one of the most prolific composers of our time, Salvatore Sciarrino.

Concert length: 2 h incl. intermission Scene: Stenhammarsalen
170-220 SEK Student 85-110 SEK

Event has already taken place

Gageego! celebrates one of the most prolific composers of our time, Salvatore Sciarrino. With fifty symphonic pieces, chamber music is still the most peeled-back way to approach his music, which is rich in contrasts and innovation.

Those who listen to Sciarrino become aware of themselves and their feelings. The music is introverted and expansive at the same time, sometimes like pigeons in a forest, sometimes like hyperventilating despair. You have to be quite the flautist to manage these sharp turns.

Sciarrino’s titles refer to the mysticism of music, like this thing about understanding how to reach the enchanted. But the music also celebrates the three classical graces. These goddesses were responsible for the good things in life, such as joy, beauty and wisdom. In Sciarrino’s flute music, they make their mother, the goddess Venus, bloom.

The flute can rest in Sarah Nemtsov’s partially amplified music and in ‘b’ by Simon Løffler. Electrifying opportunities, such as light and the tension in the musicians’ own bodies, are explored.

Composer Conversation

Don’t miss the composer conversation one hour before the start of the concert, where musicians from the ensemble talk to one of the evening’s composers. All questions are welcome. From the audience as well.


Sciarrino Hermes 10 min

Løffler b 10 min

Sciarrino Come vengono prodotti gli incantesimi? 7 min

Intermission 25 min

Sciarrino Canzona di ringraziamento 7 min

Nemtsov Seven Colours 15 min

Sciarrino Venere le grazie la fioriscono 8 min



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Percussionist vid pukor med stockar i handen, omgiven av röd sammet.

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