Göteborgs Konserthus GoBaow – see you, be you, show you

Event has already taken place. We can create our own reality!

Concert length: 1 h no intermission Scene: Stenhammarsalen Organizer: gobaow
225 SEK Children 125 SEK

Event has already taken place

GoBaow is about seeing yourself – who you are, to dare to be yourself – who you are. If to stand strong with the best conditions daring to take place and create its own reality!

The show aims to:
– Promote youth entrepreneurship, by entering into a context where they work together toward a common goal where everything is possible.
– Increase their self-esteem through love of dance, and use it as a way of expressing their feelings.

GoBaow inspire others to do the same thing – dare to take the place we all deserve, on stage and in life.

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Man spelar på en cello i ett rött rum där tyg fladdrar runt honom

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