Man står mot lila bakgrund med instrument i handen Man står mot lila bakgrund med instrument i handen

Göteborgs Konserthus To the end of the world with Kuusisto

A classical journey of discovery with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra; Andrew Manze, conductor; and Pekka Kuusisto, violin.

Concert length: 2 h incl. intermission Scene: Stora salen
390-550 SEK Student 195-275 SEK Young up to 29 195-275 SEK

The sea, pilgrims, humankind’s age-old desire to discover the ends of the earth: these were the images called to mind as rock guitarist Bryce Dessner composed his violin concerto. As his companion along the way, he chose friend and star violinist Pekka Kuusisto. 

Bryce Dessner, who will perform at Way Out West Festival 2024 with his band The National, is not just a guitarist. He is also an acclaimed composer. His violin concerto was composed while hiking a pilgrimage trail along Spain’s Atlantic coast. The piece was written for his friend Pekka Kuusisto, who, in Dessner’s words “works at the highest level with a wide range of classical repertoire and is equally hungry for new works.” Kuusisto is the soloist when this work is performed for the first time by the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, led by the high-energy Andrew Manze. 

The evening also includes Anton Bruckner’s Symphony No. 3, which was his breakthrough work. He dedicated the symphony to friend and role model Richard Wagner. After numerous rewrites by the poor composer, who was never satisfied, the symphony has been praised in our time as one of Bruckner’s loveliest. Filled with contrasts, it is earthly and spiritual all at once – just like life itself. 


Get to know composer Bryce Dessner.

Get to know Anton Bruckner Symphony No. 3.

Introduction to the concert

Take a seat in the Great Hall one hour before the concert begins and learn more about the music you will soon experience! You will get the stories behind the music, knowledge of the composers and own reflections about the classical pieces. The introduction last for about 30 minutes, it is free and free seating in the hall. Welcome! 


Dessner Violin Concerto 24 min

Intermission 25 min

Bruckner Symphony No 3 55 min

Wednesday 20 November 2024: The event ends at approx. 21.30


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