Göteborgs Konserthus This woman’s work: A tribute to Kate Bush

Event has already taken place. Gothenburg Symphony celebrates one of the most important visionaries and artists in rock music together with the singers Jennie Abrahamson and Malin Dahlström, with musicians.

Concert length: 2 h 30 min incl. intermission Scene: Stora salen
430 SEK Group rebate 40 SEK/ticket (at least 15 people)

Event has already taken place

Kate Bush is one of the most important, now living, visionaries and artists in rock music.

With her unique voice and strong personality she has during a long career constantly created new musical Worlds since her break-through with Wuthering Heights in 1978. The 40th anniversary is now celebrated by Gothenburg Symphony and guest artists Jennie Abrahamson (toured the World with Peter Gabriel) and Malin Dahlström (Niki & The Dove).

A towering tribute with hit songs and pure poetry in special arrangements by Martin Schaub.

Welcome to the rehearsal

This is how much fun I have at work right now… 💜 Rehearsing with the choir for the upcoming Kate Bush tribute shows with Göteborgs Symfoniker, a band, this awesome choir and me and Malin of Niki & the Dove that you see singing in the clip below. It’s just such a luxury, getting to do this. 🙏🏼

Publicerat av Jennie Abrahamson den 6 mars 2018


Do you know your Kate Bush? Here you find some of the most essential tracks, all in one playlist.


Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Christoffer Nobin conductor

Jennie Abrahamson

Malin Dahlström

Martin Schaub kapellmästare, keyboard, cittern

Henrik Cederblom guitar

Martin Holmlund bas

Magnus Boqvist drums

Göteborgs Symfonikers Vokalensemble

Helena Röhr director

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