Göteborgs Konserthus Lisa Nordström: Biome

Event has already taken place. A holistic experience with projections, lighting, surround sound and scenography created by Lisa Nordström with musicians from Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. The Pioneer concept brings you contemporary music in experimental combinations.

Concert length: 1 h 30 min Scene: Stenhammarsalen
210-260 SEK Student 105-130 SEK

Event has already taken place

The inspiration for Lisa Nordström’s Biome (ecosystem) comes from Soundscape Ecology and natural sound recordings from all over the globe. A holistic experience that transports the audience to the biome that Lisa Nordström and musicians from Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra create with projections, lighting, surround sound and scenography.

Artisten Lisa Nordström i röda kläder mot en fond av grönska.

Lisa Nordström has found her habitat. Maybe it was here she was on her way when she, as a young student from the Academy of Music, was traveling and got a clear impulse to choose her own path. More than twenty years later, she has established herself as one of Sweden’s most influential in electronic art music. Earlier this year, she won a Guldbagge in the film music category for the documentary Children of The Enemy.

Lisa Nordström brings nature sounds from widely different parts of the world to the Gothenburg Concert Hall.
– It can be from the jungle, from ice or volcanoes. Mainly from places where people have not been harmed. I want to highlight sounds we may be getting further and further away from.

Lisa Nordström and her eight fellow musicians, including two percussionists, let the desire control the sounds and atmospheres that are evoked during the evening. In addition, there are light projections that surround the audience in all directions. The concert Biome should be able to be absorbed with all the senses. And why not lying down? The audience is welcome to drop in in advance as Lisa and her friends build up the atmosphere already in the foyer.

The Pioneer concept

The Pioneer concept brings you contemporary music in combination with other forms of expression, such as art, film, audiovisual elements and drama. This season’s six Saturday evenings in the Stenhammarsalen auditorium are a must for anyone interested in cutting-edge artistic expression. With a Pioneer subscription you save 30% compared to ordinary ticket prices!


Listen to Lisa Nordströms music:


Nordström Biome 1 h 30 min


Musiker ur Göteborgs Symfoniker

Composer and performer Lisa Nordström started releasing music with the acclaimed electronic duo Midaircondo in the early 2000s. Her creative base is at the well-reputed studio Svenska Grammofonstudion in Gothenburg. After graduating in classical music, she went on to explore electronic instruments, sound art and improvisation. Lisa Nordström has released six full-length albums for various record labels, including her own Twin Seed Recordings. She also appears on many collaborative albums. She has toured extensively worldwide and her work has been presented at festivals such as Sónar, Sonar Sound Tokyo, Mutek Festival, Molde Jazz Festival and Berlin Music Week. In 2010, Nordström was named composer of the year by SKAP - Swedish composers of popular music. In recent years, she has released the music documentary Sonica Sequence where she travels to various locations around the world to let improvised music form the basis of her meeting with musicians she has never met before in location-specific sessions. She directed the film together with producer Pether Lindgren. She has also created music for various film projects by, among others, Andrea Östlund and Suzanne Osten. In 2022 she received the swedish film award Guldbagge for music for the documentary "Children of the Enemy". Lisa Nordström moves within a wide range of genres: improvisation, electronic music, defragmented pop and experimental sound art. Her work is characterized by a unique and personal approach to mixing organic and electronic sounds, often in interaction with the room, the audience and a site-specific situation.

Johannes Ferm Winkler video artist

Trinidad Carrillo photography

Samuel Runsteen

Karin Claesson

Petra Lundin

Ida Rostrup

Erik Groenestein-Hendriks

Mika Takehara

Michala Östergaard Nielsen

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