Göteborgs Konserthus New Year’s Concert 2018

Event has already taken place. Schönbrunn Slottsfilharmoniker

Concert length: 2 h 20 min incl. intermission Scene: Stora salen Organizer: Julius Prod & PH int Music and Great Entertainment
595 SEK

Event has already taken place

Coming to Sweden for the 15th year.

Schönbrunn’s Slottsensemble is an extremely professional orchestra from Vienna.

Only Vienna’s most skilful musicians and singres will appear when Schönbrunn’s ensemble tours with a repertoire taken from the world-renowned TV show that has been broadcast on New Year’s Day for 60 years. During the tourist season, the orchestra organizes daily concerts at Schönbrunn’s orangery castle, where the desirable tickets have a striking appeal among tourists from around the world.

Every year, the orchestra tours Japan, Australia, the United States, South America and Russia where concert hall managers and critics constantly say that “Nobody performs Vienna music like the Vienna musicians”. It is outstanding and unique to get a guest show by Schönbrunn’s Philharmonic who is asked for all over the world.

Scandinavia’s leading concert halls will be visited during this tour and the audience will enjoy the classic pieces recognized from television broadcasts. Of course, each concert ends with the Radetzky March where the audience can participate led by the conductor.

Conductor: David Scarr
Soprano: Mara Mastalir
Baritone: Wolfgang Schweiger



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