Göteborgs Konserthus Pioneer: Music Free from its Boundaries

Event has already taken place. Ambivalence, surprises and rooms that never end. Are we still inside or is that the sky above?

Concert length: 1 h 30 min no intermission Scene: Stenhammarsalen
205-255 SEK Student 102-127 SEK

Event has already taken place

Georg Friedrich Haas sets the tone for this concert, with his ambivalent composition AUS:WEG. Which can mean either “the way out” or “leave, get out”. Or other interpretations, come to think of it.

The concert also include music by Swedish composers Kajsa Antonsson and Esaias Järnegard (a Gageego! veteran) that is eagerly waiting in the wings to surprise the audience. The concert ends with Anton Webern’s fascinating Variations for Piano from 1936, which takes listeners through room after room after room in the course of just six minutes. Are we still inside or is that the sky above?

It will be an evening that in the newly written works and installations dreams and shapes the music as a multisensory experience: “something we experience with the eyes and body as well as with the ears” (Antonsson) and is inspired by Lotta Lotas’ condensed poetry (Järnegard). The way out of a pandemic may be beyond the specifics of music, but it is true that it is in art that we can dream of unknown worlds, it is in art that man is given meaning. Haas and Webern flank their own ways out (or towards) the music.

The concert is different in its structure. The audience is first invited to Kajsa Antonsson’s sound installation in the large closet hall from 18.00. Speaker Practice 3 is a sound installation that explores the speaker as a room with material and acoustic properties just like the room they are in. As a visitor, you are encouraged to move around the room while listening and exploring the interface between the ear, speakers and room. Kajsa Antonsson is on site. The evening then continues 19.00 in Stenhammarsalen where the rest of the musical events take place.


Get to know Georg Friedrich Haas piece AUS:WEG


Antonsson Speaker practice 3 (commissionend by Gageego!) 15 min

Haas AUS.WEG for eight instruments 18 min

Webern Variations for Piano 6 min

E Rumori ii (commission by Gageego!) 40 min



Aaron Holloway-Nahum conductor

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Man spelar på en cello i ett rött rum där tyg fladdrar runt honom

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