Göteborgs Konserthus Royal Guest Performance

Event has already taken place. The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, David Afkham conductor, Vilde Frang violin

Concert length: 2 h incl. intermission Scene: Stora salen
365-525 SEK Student 183-262 SEK

Event has already taken place

Our friends from Stockholm travel south for their popular annual guest performance, this time featuring Norwegian violin player Vilde Frang as the star soloist. Conductor is David Afkham, who has received great ovations on many occasions in Gothenburg.

Vilde Frang, the Stockholm orchestra’s Artist in Residence 2021-2022, is the soloist in Alban Berg’s expressively charged violin concerto, dedicated to Alma Mahler’s daughter Manon Gropius, who was very close to Alban Berg and his wife Helene. When she died of polio at age 18, Berg composed this concerto and gave it the sub-heading: “In memory of an angel”.

Outi Tarkiainen’s newly written The Ring of Fire and Love not only alludes to the forces of nature and love, but is also about a woman who gives birth to a child, “this earth-shattering, creative, cataclysmic moment they travel through together”.

Robert Schumann has been called the most romantic of all Romantic composers. He was an emotional person whose life alternated between the greatest joy and the darkest sorrow, between manic creativity and the deepest depression. We hear this reflected in his inventive and powerfully expressive Symphony No. 4.


Violinisten Vilde Frang sitter på fönsterbräda, soligt ljus, glad med sitt instrument i handen.

Introduction to the concert

Welcome to a free introduction to the concert one hour before the concert starts, in the Great Hall. The introduction is in Swedish.


A Berg Violin Concerto "To the Memory of an Angel" 27 min

Intermission 25 min

The Ring of Fire is a volcanic belt that surrounds the Pacific Ocean and in which most of the world’s earthquakes occur. It is also the term referring to the bright ring of sunlight around the moon at the height of a solar eclipse, when the moon covers only the central part of the sun. Yet, the same expression is also used to describe what a woman feels when, as she gives birth, the baby’s head passes through her pelvis. That moment is the most dangerous in the baby’s life, its little skull being subjected to enormous pressure, preparing it for life in a way unlike any other. The Ring of Fire and Love is a work for orchestra about this earth-shattering, creative, cataclysmic moment they travel through together. Outi Tarkiainen

R Schumann Symphony No 4 29 min


Kungliga Filharmoniska Orkestern

David Afkham conductor

Vilde Frang violin

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Nr 3 2021-2022 Alban Berg, 1885-1935

Tonsättarporträtt av Andreas Konvicka