Trädgårdsföreningen Side by Side presents: Mångfaldsfestivalen

Event has already taken place. Sing-a-long in Trädgårdsföreningen - all pre-school children who like to sing, parents and educators are warmly welcome! This year's theme is "Olika men ändå lika" (Different but Still the Same).

Concert length: 1 h
Free entry

Event has already taken place

All song-happy pre-schoolers, parents and teachers are warmly welcome to Trädgårdsföreningen on 15 June to sing and dance together. This year’s theme is “Olika men ändå lika” (Different but Still the Same) — feel free to bring home-made flags for different countries! With the theme “Different but Still the Same”, Mångfaldsfestivalen (the Diversity Festival) wants to draw attention to the fact that all children are equally valuable and should have the same rights regardless of nationality, culture, and religion. Everyone’s needs and wants are equally important!

The musicians are on Lilla Scenen (the small stage) at 10.00-11.00. Feel free to bring your own picnic blanket and food so that everyone can hang out together until 13.00.

Please be aware that this event is in Swedish.

Here is a song by Marco Rio to describe the theme of the year:
Det finns så många länder, olika språk
Några av de kan vara, svåra att förstå,
vi kan hjälpa varandra. Prova lite grand
Vi sjunger denna sång som börjar med en gång
Varje gång jag säger: Hola! Hello!, Ciao!, Moi!
då får gärna svara: Hej!
Om jag säger till dig: Mi Amigo, My friend, Ystäväni
Då får du säga: Min Vän

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The music camp Side by Side

The international music camp Side by Side is organized by the Gothenburg Symphony and is one of Gothenburg’s jubilee projects. In 2023, the camp celebrates its 10th anniversary while also being an important part of the city’s 400th anniversary celebrations.

At Side by Side, young people from around the world gather to sing and play orchestral music together, side by side with professional musicians. The camp promotes classical music while counteracting segregation in all its forms and building bridges between people, cultures, and continents.

Take the opportunity to experience any of the concerts included in the camp and watch the concert live on GSOplay 21 June.

Event in Trädgårdsföreningen


Barn från El Sistema-förskolor i Hammarkullen

Cecilia Thorén

Stefan Hedborg

Tobias Edvardsson

Nahuel Ivalo

Teresa Hedborg

Ljudtekniker Johan Zackrisson

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