Göteborgs Konserthus Side By Side

Event has already taken place. Children from El Sistema and Gothenburg's Cultural Schools play with unaccompanied refugee children in the Dream Orchestra and the musicians at the University of Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.

Concert length: 1 h 20 min Scene: Stora salen
100 SEK Student 60 SEK Children 60 SEK

Event has already taken place

A concert that blows generational and nationality borders: children from El Sistema and Gothenburg’s Culture Schools, together with unaccompanied refugee children in the Dream Orchestra and the talented musicians of the University of Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. Together they create a unique context for learning and, not least, a unique musical experience.

Today, El Sistema is located in Gothenburg’s all cultural schools, and every week more than 1500 participants meet to play together. Through education, Gothenburg’s Cultural Schools contribute to musical, social and human development with the aim of stimulating children and young people to take part in an equal and sustainable Gothenburg.

El Sistema Sweden Dream Orchestra was started in April 2016 by El Sistema’s artistic director Ron Davis Alvarez with a handful of young boys from a refugee home south of Gothenburg. A year later, the orchestra consists of more than 40 children and young people, most of whom are single members from Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Eritrea and Albania. Dream Orchestra is growing steadily in line with the availability of instruments with the aim of forming a full-size symphony orchestra.

The University of Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra consists of students who attend the master’s program in symphonic orchestral games at the stage for stage and music in Gothenburg. Here is the foundation for the work of professional orchestra musicians in an international environment. The education is unique in its kind and is conducted in collaboration with the Gothenburg Symphony and GöteborgsOperan.

All of these music-free children and young people unite here in a jazzy concert that includes the audience on a musical journey to Blåkulla, a royal Paris, a South American dance course and the pirates’ Caribbean.


Glinka Overture to Ruslan and Lyudmila

Musorgskij A Night on the Bare Mountain

Charpentier Rondo from Te Deum

Schumann Aria

Dvorák Slavonic dance op.72 no.2

Dvorák Slavonic dance op.72 no.7

Trad. Ritmos Ciganos

Badelt He's a Pirate

Medrano Merengue del Primero


University of Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Henrik Schaefer conductor

Petra Kloo Vik presentatör

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