Göteborgs Konserthus School Concert: We Come In Peace

Event has already taken place. A Symphonic Science Fiction Concert with the Gothenburg Symphony and Orvar Säfström. For högstadiet and gymnasiet.

Concert length: 36 min Scene: Stora salen
Free entry, bookable tickets

Event has already taken place

Fasten your seatbelt and engage the hyper drive. This year’s popular, cultural experience takes you on a journey at the speed of light, to infinity and beyond!

We Come in Peace crosses all media borders. Instead of focussing on music from either films or games, we set our laser sight on science fiction as a genre, regardless of whether it involves the dream of intelligent life on faraway planets, epic space wars, or horrendous, galactic monsters. The music comes from the best-loved, space-themed films, TV series and games – Star Wars, E.T., Aliens, Star Trek and Halo, among others. The concert is the result of a lifelong dream of film connoisseur and science fiction lover Orvar Säfström, known from Swedish Television and the game music concert Score.

For högstadiet and gymnasiet.

WE COME IN PEACE is a concert by Underscore Productions AB.
The image is used by kind permission of Microsoft.


Horner Maintitle / Bishop´s Countdown from Aliens 6 min

Horner The Destruction of Hometree from Avatar 5 min

Williams Adventures on Earth from E.T. 7 min

O´Donnell Unforgotten from Halo 3 min

Herrmann Suite from The Day the Earth Stood Still 7 min

Williams Throne Room & End Title from Star Wars 5 min

Williams The Imperial March from The Empire Strikes Back 3 min


Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Charles Hazlewood conductor

Kristofer Eng Radjabi theremin

Orvar Säfström presentatör

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