Göteborgs Konserthus Taube’s Day

Benny Andersson, Peter Nordahl, Myrra Malmberg and the Gothenburg Symphony in joint tribute to Evert Taube's memory.

Concert length: 2 h incl. intermission Scene: Stenhammarsalen Organizer: Stiftelsen Taubes Värld in collaboration with Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra
350 SEK

Taubedagen was a success right from the start at the premiere in 2023 with a celebratory concert on the birthday March 12.

Now we’re taking the celebration to Gothenburg Concert Hall. Benny Andersson, Peter Nordahl, Myrra Malmberg and musicians from the Gothenburg Symphony line up in unanimous tribute to Evert’s memory and the arrival of spring.

Conductor and composer Peter Nordahl leads a music festival of the highest caliber where Sweden’s national singer is connected with Sweden’s national orchestra. Peter Nordahl is behind the album Sånger ur Havet with Sven-Bertil Taube and the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.

With him we see some of Sweden’s most loved artists and song interpreters, such as Benny Andersson, singer Myrra Malmberg, BAO member and director Lars Rudolfsson and guitarist Simon Ljungman. Also participating is Gothenburg’s Girls’ Choir under the direction of Birgitta Mannerström-Molin, guitar duo The Gothenburg Combo and composers Britta Byström och Andrea Tarrodi. They all want to celebrate Evert Taubes uniting view of life.

“To connect home and away, near and far, the familiar and the foreign. That was Evert Taube’s perspective, and what was the basis for establishing Taubedagen” (Martin Nyström, artistic director)

Don’t miss a full evening in Taube’s universe where the key to the heart is song.

Tuesday 12 March 2024: The event ends at approx. 21.30


Peter Nordahl conductor

Martin Nyström konferencier

Benny Andersson ackordeon

Myrra Malmberg vocals

Simon Ljungman vocals

Päyam Tabatabayi luta/sång

Lars Rudolfsson ackordeon

David Hansson guitar

Thomas Hansy guitar

Britta Byström composer

Andrea Tarrodi composer

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Percussionist vid pukor med stockar i handen, omgiven av röd sammet.

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