Göteborgs Konserthus Två och en Steinway – Jan Lundgren med gäster Lill Lindfors och Nils Landgren

Concert length: 2 h 10 min incl. intermission Scene: Stora Salen Organizer: Villman Produktion
695 SEK
Jan Lundgren, one of Europe’s foremost jazz pianists and composers, will go on tour in autumn 2023 with the concert performance “Two and one Steinway” together with Lill Lindfors and Nils Landgren. The show was a great success when it played at the Maximteatern in Stockholm in the fall of 2022. Jan, Lill and Nils offer an evening of musical gems, exciting conversations and funny anecdotes!

The concert performance “Två och en Steinway” is based on the classical music program Två och en flygel, which was broadcast on SVT from the mid-70s to the end of the 90s, which was based on conversations and music between the pianist Bernt Egerbladh and some of our most popular artists and cultural figures.

“It feels very nice to have the opportunity to take “Två och en Steinway” on tour after the success at the Maximteatern in the fall of 2022. Lill and Nils are some of my absolute favorites, so I’m really looking forward to our conversations and making music together during this the tour,” says Jan Lundgren.

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About Jan Lundgren
Already at the age of five, Jan took piano lessons and proved to be a talent. At first he stuck to classical music, but in the end it was jazz that appealed to him the most. At the age of twenty, he began studying at the music academy in Malmö. The career took off and it wasn’t long before Jan was performing with both Swedish and American jazz legends.
As a pianist and composer, Jan has been one of the pioneers in freeing European jazz from American jazz and has paved the way for generations of musicians who have followed him. In 1996 he released his debut album “Conclusion” and since then has released around 50 albums and participated in a number of different projects with prominent musicians all over the world. Jan is also the artistic director of the Ystad Jazz Festival and of the legendary jazz club Montmartre in Copenhagen.


About Lill Lindfors
Lill is not only one of Sweden’s most popular artists, but also a comedian, actress, composer and children’s book author. Lill’s performance in the musical “I hatt och strumpa” was her big breakthrough in the 60s, and after that she has had several roles in other acclaimed shows such as the first Swedish production of “West Side Story”. She made her recording debut in 1962 and over the years she has released several albums and singles including “En sån karl”, “You are the only one”, Oh so intense” and “Rus” are some of the most successful songs. Lill is an award-winning artist who has won two Grammys for “Female Artist of the Year” and “Honorary Award of the Year”. In recent years, Lill has given fantastic concerts, been on tour with Riksteatern and participated in Tv4’s popular program “So much better”


About Nils Landgren
Nils started playing drums at the age of six, at thirteen he switched to the trombone as a hobby instrument. Between 1972 and 1978, Nils studied classical trombone at the music school in Karlstad and the Ingesund Academy of Music in Arvika. There he met folk jazz pioneer Bengt-Arne Wallin and trombonist Eje Thelin, who persuaded him to move from strictly classical studies to improvisation and to develop his own approach. Nils has been involved in many different kinds of music projects: jazz, rock, soul and hip hop, big band performances and for his own part – involved in at least 500 albums including ones with big international stars like ABBA, The Crusaders, Eddie Harris, Wyclef Jean and Herbie Hancock . In 1983 Nils released his debut album Planet Rock. In 1992 the first performances and recordings of Nils’ “The Funk Unit” took place and in 1994 his international breakthrough took place at the Jazz Baltica Festival in Germany. Since January 2023, Nils is also the artistic director of “Jazzradion” in SR

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