Götaplatsfoajén Quiet After Work

Event has already taken place. Unconnect in Götaplatsfoajén with Gothenburg Symphony's best playlist in the speakers, guided by Navid Modiri and Victoria Palm.

Concert length: 2 h
Free entry, bookable tickets

Event has already taken place

No alcohol. No mingle. No talking. No mobiles. No computers. No watches. Nothing to be said, done or accomplished. Navid Modiri and Victoria Palm guide you far beyond the noise of everyday life to the tunes of classical music in the Concert Hall’s Götaplatsfoajé.

Now we´ll try yet another way to make classical music do good for body and soul. With Göteborgs Symphony’s best playlist in the speakers, you can sit back and enjoy yourself. It’s a powerful experience when you’re in silence with other people.

At a quiet After Work you can be part of a context without performing, talking titles or jobs. There are no unprecedented social expectations. It’s liberating nice. The concept was developed by Navid Modiri and Victoria Palm, who will guide us into the disconnected state of mind during the event.


Three simple rules

Silence: In order to unwind without having to perform verbally, there will be total silence, in addition to the music that is heard in the speakers in the room. You also communicate with your eyes. Therefore avoid eye contact with others in the room.

Offline: In order to put intellect, forward-looking and performance aside, you need to make room to be still. Therefore, all electronics and your watch should be turned off and removed.

Respect: In order for everyone to feel safe with the knowledge that nobody will talk, call, pick up their phone or disturb it’s important to respect other people’s needs. Also respect the silence and offline rules.

Why is a quiet after work needed?

The connected, digital everyday life makes us sick. Social noise demands our attention around the clock and our brains are bombarded by a constant flow of information. Advertising, news, jobs, multitasking, mail, text messaging, telephones, and social media fill our minds and we never get a break to recover.

When you turn off technology, work and chat for a while, you can help your brain and body to recover energy in depth. Several scientific studies show that brain breaks like these help you find back to your energy, lust and creativity.

The break also improves your relationships by moving focus from the outside world to here and now. They allow you to be present enough and have the energy to listen to the depths. In this way you create time and energy for what you think is important, like exercising, cooking, nurturing your close relationships or being with your family.

Welcome to a unique experience in collaboration with Stendahls, Oas and CreativeMornings Gothenburg.

That feels like that

“I have been on so many quiet retreats for a long time and wondered about two hours without very much instructions would make such a big difference. It really did. Still feeling calm when I woke up this morning. So cool!”

“So that was really nice. To me, it was a lot about being among others and realizing that there are no social expectations. It created a sense of calm and trust in me that remained for several days. In fact, is a little surprised. It’s so cool when ‘simple’ concepts work.”

“It was a great moment with Off The Work in Stockholm. Absolutely incredible and at the same time, of course, what power it was by sharing the experience with other unknown people. Never think I thought so few thoughts in two hours – wow, what a rest! “

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