Café Frid & Fröjd Who is the Tambourineman and what is a Pandeireteria?

Event has already taken place. Welcome and Bienvenido to Café Frid & Fröjd and a seminar about galician music, dance and tambourines. Admission free.

Scene: Linnégatan 3
Free entry

Event has already taken place

The vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Xabier Díaz attends the World in the Concert Hall on October 5th together with Adufeiras de Salitre, a powerful ensemble tambourine-playing singer (pandeireterias). A week before the concert you are welcome to warm up with a seminar at Café Frid & Fröjd where you will learn more about the artists, the music and the culture. Welcome and Bienvenido, it’s free entrance!

At the seminar at Café Frid & Fröjd we meet Maria Cao who is from Galicia. She tells about her special relationship with the tambourine and the importance of music for the Galicians. The tambourine is part of the Galician folk music, it is played mostly in the country, but occasionally it is heard in the town’s finer lounges.

Maria Cao also tells her mother who, after retirement, decided to become a Pandeireteria – a tambourine player. Anyone who wants may also learn a couple of traditional dance steps to the tambourine. Everything served in a relaxing café environment at Café Frid & Fröjd, Linnégatan 3. Here you find the event on facebook (in swedish) >>

Xabier Díaz plays in the Gothenburg Concert hall on October 5th.

The World in the Concert Hall

The subscription The World in the Concert Hall gives you four hand picked borderless concerts that simmer of energy. DJ Said plays in the foyer before the concerts start so we are in the right mood when the musicians starts to play. The playlist is loaded with the artists you meet in the series 2018-2019.

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