Rules for our social media

In our social media you get fresh news and information, audience reactions, videos and links about Gothenburg Symphonby Orchestra and Gothenburg Concert Hall. Additional channels for communication between us and our amazing audience simply. Welcome!

Rules for visitors to our social media:

  • In our channels we want an inclusive and pleasant environment – think of the tone when you meet other people in your posts.
  • In our channels we want you to stick to the topic of the current thread.
  • In our channels we do not want readers to have to click on a link to understand what your comment is about – describe the content instead.
  • In our channels, we have zero tolerance for hatred, threats, personal aggression and derogatory generalization.
  • In our channels we do not allow anyone to spam.

We do not allow content with:

  • Offensive information
  • Invitation to crime or illegal content
  • Copyrighted material
  • Advertising and marketing

If the above rules are violated, we will delete your comment. Also keep in mind that all posts and comments made on VGR’s social media accounts, whether visible or sent as a direct message, are considered public documents. This means that anyone can read them, so be careful what information you choose to share.

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Göteborgs Symfoniker

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Göteborgs Symfoniker

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