Art in the Concert Hall Guido Vecchi

A bronze sculpture depicting the cellist Guido Vecchi is located in the foyer of the Stenhammar Hall. Here you can read more about the sculpture and Vecchi's connection to the Gothenburg Concert Hall.

Bronze sculpture depicting Guido Vecchi (1910-1997), placed in the foyer of Stenhammarsalen. He was concertmaster in the cello meeting of the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra for 40 years. The artist behind the work is Kerstin Lind-Pafumi (1916-2002).

Guido Vecchi was concertmaster in the cello part of the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra for 40 years (1936–1976). At the same time he devoted himself to chamber music in smaller ensembles, solo performances and educational activities. His interpretations of newer, Swedish music have received special attention. Among other things, he was part of the so-called Piano Quartet, formed in 1948 by Brita Hjort and consisting of – in addition to Hjort and Vecchi – Charles Senderovitz and Sten Broman. In 1989, Guido Vecchi was appointed honorary doctor at the Faculty of Arts by the University of Gothenburg.

Kerstin Lind-Pafumi (1916-2002)

Kerstin Lind-Pafumi studied at The Ruskin School of Art in Oxford in 1933 and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo 1934-1935 and at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen 1935-1936 and during study trips to Berlin, Munich, Paris and Italy.

She participated in a graphics exhibition in Berlin in 1937 and exhibited separately a number of times in Gothenburg and Borås. Together with her husband Carmelo Pafumi, she exhibited at Galerie S: t Lucas in Stockholm in 1946. She participated in Kunstnernes Efteraarsudstilling and Nationalmuseums Unga tecknare. Lind-Pafumi is represented with several works at Sahlgrenska Hospital in Gothenburg.

49x19x28 cm