Art in the Concert Hall The art glass

Simon Gate (1883-1945) from Orrefors has designed the Concert Hall's Konserthusets sconces, lampshades and chandeliers. Look at the light and you will understand the scope of the work! Engraved glas and the drinking fountain is also designed by him.

Swedish art glass – later famous both in Sweden and the world – has its roots largely in Orrefors Glassworks and the glass artist, painter and designer Simon Gate (1883-1945). He came to Orrefors in 1916. During the first years, they made beautiful utility and tableware glass, but also began to experiment with art glass, which was the beginning of Orrefors’ first heyday.

Simon Gate had great success at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1925 and at the Stockholm Exhibition in 1930. He was responsible for the design of sconces, lampshades and chandeliers in Gothenburg Concert Hall. And they are quite a few! Look at the light at the next visit and you will understand the scope of the work. Perhaps the strongest impression is given by the lamps in the Great Hall, stylishly designed and in complete harmony with the room’s steep walls.

But there is a lot of other glass as well. This is what the book about the Gothenburg Concert Hall, published at the inauguration in 1935, says: “The drinking fountain and chandeliers in the foyer are made by Orrefors and composed by Gate. Orrefors has also made the lighting fixture in the other premises and the glass in the gallery facing Viktor Rydbergsgatan. The sharpened and engraved groups in these glasses are composed by Gate, Hald and Lindstrand.”

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