Gothenburg Symphony Choir Powerful choir chords for over 100 years

Many of music history's most powerful works rely on an equally powerful and inspired choir. The Gothenburg Symphony Choir has performed with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra since 1917. During its history the choir has performed over 850 concerts, most with the Symphony Orchestra.

Are you interested in singing in a choir at the highest level with Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra? Do you want to sing the major works for choir and orchestra of the world’s leading conductors and soloists? Do you want to develop your singing vocally and musically?

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A non-profit organization

Gothenburg Symphony Choir is a non-profit organization that is tied to the Gothenburg Concert House and the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. The choir participates in concerts and performances in the Concert Hall as well as occasionally performing outside the house in its own capacityTheir repertoire is therefore both extensive and varied. 

The choir rehearses every Tuesday evening under the guidance of chorus director Katie Thomas and accompanist Juan Zurutuza, pianist in the Gothenburg Symphony. During concert weeks, the choir works in the evenings with the conductor and orchestra, usually giving two concert performances in culmination. 

Throughout the season, all members receive bespoke one-to-one vocal technique sessions with in-house voice coaches and members of GSVE, Mia Strand and Simon Bergvide. Alongside Katie Thomas (who is also the Vocal Coach of the BBC Symphony Chorus in London), they form a unique vocal team sharing a unified strategy and responsibility to develop every individual in the choir, and the choir as a whole. Good vocal health and authentic, efficient, tension-free singing is placed at the heart of the choir’s approach. 

The choir has performed in venues abroad including the Royal Albert Hall and Canterbury Cathedral in England, in the Canary Islands, and in China on tour with the GSO. 

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How it started

The Gothenburg Symphony Choir was founded in 1917 by cousins Elsa and Wilhelm Stenhammar. Elsa Stenhammar was one of the driving forces of the turn of the century choral life in Gothenburg, and became the choir’s first leader.

Wilhelm Stenhammar had created a position in the Gothenburg music scene through his work with the orchestra for a number of years. On December 8, 1917 the chorus debuted in Beethoven’s Choral Fantasy. It was Wilhelm Stenhammar who took on the solo part at the piano.

They sing in the choir

The youngest members are around 20, while the oldest has passed retirement age. Some choir members have extensive musical training, while others have merely private singing lessons for extended periods.

One thing, however, all choir members have in common: a massive experience of choir singing. Many have started in church choirs, student and university choirs and other vocal contexts to eventually join a large symphonic choir. In addition, all has passed the mandatory audition estimates that recur every three years.

Katie Thomas

Choir Director