Gothenburg Symphony Choir Powerful choir chords for over 100 years

Many of music history's most powerful works rely on a dedicated and inspired choir to lift. The Gothenburg Symphony Choir has performed with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra since 1917! During its more than 100-year operation, the choir has performed over 850 concerts, most with the Symphony Orchestra.

Are you interested in singing in a choir at the highest level with Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra? Do you want to sing the major works for choir and orchestra of the world’s leading conductors and soloists? Do you want to develop your vocal timbre and musically?

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A non-profit organization

Gothenburg Symphony Choir is a nonprofit organization that is tied to the Gothenburg Concert Hall and the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. The choir participates in concerts and performances in the Concert Hall as well as in-house. The music is therefore mixed and extensive repertoire.

The choir rehearse one night a week together with Chorus master and a pianist from the Gothenburg Symphony. Maria Forsström continuously works with the choir’s sound development and also gives individual singing lessons to the members in the choir. This can happen, for example, on weekends when the choir travels away to concentrate work on current music works. It can for example take place at the weekends, when the choir going away to concentrate efforts on current music works.

In connection with the concerts expanded the number of repetitions so that the choir is working in and around the concert venue several nights in succession. As the guest conductor to lead the performance, along with soloists and orchestra.

The choir has participated in concerts including the Royal Albert Hall and Canterbury Cathedral in England. In February 1995, the choir participated and Symphony in the annual music festival in the Canary Islands. In March 1999 the choir on tour to China, even then, together with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.

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How it started

The Gothenburg Symphony Choir was founded in 1917 by cousins Elsa and Wilhelm Stenhammar. Elsa Stenhammar was one of the driving forces of the turn of the century choral life in Gothenburg, and became the choir’s first repititör.

Wilhelm Stenhammar had created a position in the Gothenburg music scene through his work with the orchestra for a number of years. On December 8, 1917 debuted the chorus in Beethoven Körfantasi. It was precisely Wilhelm Stenhammar who took on the solo part at the piano.

They sing in the choir

The youngest members are around 20, while the oldest has passed retirement age. Some choir members have extensive musical training, while others have merely private singing lessons for extended periods.

One thing, however, all choir members in common: a great driving experience. Many have started their driveway in church choirs, student and university choirs and other vocal context to eventually lured to a large symphonic choir. In addition, all passed the mandatory audition estimates that recur every three years.

Katie Thomas

Choir master

Maria Forsström

Sound developer