Partners & Cooperations The Rescue Mission’s Community School

Prioritising young people is an investment in the future. The Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra wants to aid the social development of children and young people and thus ultimately be a force for good in the community. That is why we are engaged in the Rescue Mission’s Community School, with the aim of contributing music, knowledge and inspiration.

In the autumn of 2021, the doors to the Rescue Mission’s newly started Community School in Tynnered were opened, with us as a partner. The school adopts a holistic approach in focusing on the situation of pupils and their families, and it has a strong collaboration with organisations from the private, public and idea-based sectors. The Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra is one of these organisations, and together we have the aim of forming an orchestra.

By making the Concert Hall and the art of symphonic music available, we hope to be able to capture the interest of and engage young people, both as audience members and as practitioners. The aim is to provide young people with opportunities to discover and develop their own creative abilities through music.

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