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Bruckner Symphony No 3

The magnificent homage to Wagner

Bruckner is often described as naïve, deeply religious and with an excessive respect for authorities – and it is true that he adored Wagner. But he was above all an extraordinary and truly original symphonic composer, one of the very few that is instantly recognisable after only a few bars! And so it is with the third symphony that immediately draws the listener into an electrically charged musical field that keeps its tension both in breathless general pauses and overwhelming culminations. Welcome to a musical adventure out of the ordinary.

The Symphony is in safe hands as conductor and doyen Christoph Eschenbach sweeps its members with him in Bruckner’s indomitable third symphony, uniting enormous crescendos with echoing general pauses.


Bruckner Symphony No 3


Gothenburg Symphony

Christoph Eschenbach conductor

Recorded for GSOplay 20 September

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