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Due to the corona pandemic, the concerts of the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra are closed to the public in the up-coming weeks. However, with a strong commitment and belief in the uniting power of music, Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra will be available to all music lovers on GSOplay, both VOD and live. The concerts can be enjoyed for free for anyone on the web or through our app – wherever you are.

You don’t need an account to watch GSOplay, just go to and start watching. The sound is best experienced in a really good sound system or headphones of top quality.

You can also watch the concerts in the GSOplay app. Download it for free from App Store or Google play. With the premium version, you can also watch and listen offline, without risk of interruption due to poor connection. If you have questions about using GSOplay or the app, check out the FAQ page. Pre-recorded concerts are also available in later versions of Apple TV.

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Relaxation and emotional experiences

At GSOplay you find the unique moments when the chemistry between the conductor, orchestra and audience is at its best. Through the concerts and backstage material you soon become acquainted with the orchestra, musicians, conductors and soloists.

Visitors come from all over the world: enthusiasts and specialists with a passion for classical music searching for the best online music experiences. GSOplay reach a wide audience and attract visitors of all ages. Be sure to join the desktop chat in conjunction with the live concerts to get to know the global network you are a part of.

GSOplay is easy to use and provides both relaxation and emotional experiences – anywhere and anytime.

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The technology behind the recordings

The recordings are made with remote-controlled cameras discreetly mounted inside the concert hall, both near the musicians and far away. The control room is located in a separate sound-insulated part in the Gothenburg Concert Hall, where the recording techniques follow the orchestra play on a variety of TV screens. From September 2019, all recordings are made in 4K, which was made possible by our sponsor Cobham Gaisler.

In order for the clippings to be synchronized with the music, there is always an expert on the spot that accompanies the score and guides the team right in camera angles and zooming of instruments.

The sound is based on classic old Decca technology with three microphones in T-shape over the conductor, a pair of microphones for balancing woodwinds and percussion, and a couple of ambient microphones in the hall. Lars Nilsson works at Nilento Studios for the processing of the sound signal and sound design.

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