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Pick your favourites, or assuage your curiosity by undertaking a journey of discovery among live-streamed concerts with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.

GSOplay gives you classical concerts wherever you are. Pick your favorites or go on a curious journey of discovery among live streamed concerts with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, pre-recorded concerts and interviews. It’s easy – just choose a favorite and start to watch!

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We believe in the unifying power of music at all times. GSOplay is our way of making classical music accessible to more people. We are pleased that so many people already choose to meet in our digital concert hall, but we want to reach more people. You can help us by spreading the information about GSOplay, staying in touch via newsletters and social media and by contributing your feedback. Feel free to email us at info@gso.se.

We are also asked if it is possible to contribute to our business, it is possible, and to the extent that you want to do so, we will use donated funds to spread classical music even wider, today and in the future.

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No, it’s not the same login information for the web profile and the GSOplay app. However, you can use your web profile login information to log in to My List on GSOplay on the website.

To see our entire range of live concerts, pre-recorded concerts, interviews and other background material, you need to be logged in. In addition, in logged-in mode, you can save your favorite clips to experience them over and over again. We would also like to recommend subscribing to GSOplay’s newsletter to easily keep track of our concert news and receive a reminder before a live broadcast.

You can screen the website or app content to your smart TV, Chromecast or AppleTV. Remember that the screen you share to the TV should be logged in on the same WiFi as your smart TV, Chromecast or AppleTV.

In later versions of AppleTV the GSOplay app is avalable in AppStore. Live streamed concerts cannot unfortunately be displayed in the AppleTV app due to restrictions made by our live media player. Instead you can watch the live streamed concerts via your AppleTV by screen sharing your phone with your TV (see above). Note that in order to to log in to the AppleTV GSOplay app, you must first download the GSOplay app to your mobile and register for an account. Use the same user name and password as you have in the mobile app when you log on to the AppleTV GSOplay app.

No, you do not need the GSOplay app to take part in our range of digital concerts. However, there are different benefits to the features that different devices offer.
By downloading our app, you have our digital range close at hand. Here you can easily keep track of live broadcasts by turning on our push notifications and watching our concerts in offline mode. In a logged-in mode, you can mark concerts both in our app and on the website, to take part in the offer at a later time. By watching a live concert on a computer, you have the opportunity to share the chat that is available during the live broadcast. Here you can chat and ask questions to current experts and other enthusiasts around the world.
Keep an eye on upcoming live broadcasts and concert news by subscribing to GSOplay’s newsletter.

Our digital concerts on GSOplay are free of charge for anyone to watch.

We have updated the GSOplay app so all users have the same access to our content, which means that everyone can enjoy the premium features such as downloading concerts. If you have subscribed to Premium recently and want to cancel your subscription, open your Play Store app and cancel your GSO subscription there, or go to this link to cancel your subscription. Anyone who has purchased a subscription in Google Play in 2021 will be refunded.

If you have any question, you can ask our support for help.

The GSOplay app is free and can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play. The app is available for iOS and supports Airplay and Chromecast. The Android versions support Chromecast. The GSOplay app is also available in later versions of AppleTV.

To participate in the chat during the live broadcasts, you need to watch the concert on your computer. Here you can chat with one of our experts or with other enthusiasts around the world. The chat starts about ten minutes before the broadcast starts. Note that you need to be logged in to be able to participate. Unfortunately, the chat is not available in the mobile, tablet or app.

The concerts are mostly available for 30 days from the date of publication. At several concerts, the availability time is stated on the concert page.

If you want you can support GSOplay by donating to us here. Donated funds will be used to further develop GSOplay – with the aim of spreading the classical music to everyone today and in the future.

The technology behind the recordings

The recordings are made with remote-controlled cameras discreetly mounted inside the concert hall, both near the musicians and far away. The control room is located in a separate sound-insulated part in the Gothenburg Concert Hall, where the recording techniques follow the orchestra play on a variety of TV screens. From September 2019, all recordings are made in 4K, which was made possible by our sponsor Cobham Gaisler.

In order for the clippings to be synchronized with the music, there is always an expert on the spot that accompanies the score and guides the team right in camera angles and zooming of instruments.

The sound is based on classic old Decca technology with three microphones in T-shape over the conductor, a pair of microphones for balancing woodwinds and percussion, and a couple of ambient microphones in the hall. Lars Nilsson works at Nilento Studios for the processing of the sound signal and sound design.