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We believe in the inherent and unifying power of music in all situations. Right now we are working on being able to give even more digital concerts on GSOplay. We are so glad that so many people choose to meet there. That so many of you show your support for our orchestra and activities at an uncertain time when we are all struggling with great challenges is a source of hope and gratitude.

GSOplay is free and open to everyone. So please support us by spreading information that we exist and keep in touch with us via newsletters and social media. Look to the future together with Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, strengthen us and our work.

We also receive questions if it is possible to support our company by donating a gift card, an access card or through a gift. It is possible, and if you want to do so we will use donated funds to further develop GSOplay – with the aim of spreading the classical music to everyone today and in the future.

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