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Classical curiosities: ”Frei aber einsam”

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”I believe Johannes to be the true apostle, who will also write Revelations.” This is how Robert Schumann put it in a biblical parallel after meeting with Johannes Brahms, two composers who became lifelong friends and admired each other’s music.

The friendship also included Robert’s wife Clara, who was close to both of them. With Robert Schumann as a starting point, Erik Risberg tells about the era they were living in, Romanticism, and how this style of art and outlook on life opened new musical worlds. Spaces where something wonderful and indescribable is hidden between light and shade; for those who listen secretly.

The lecture is in Swedish with English subtitle available. 

svartvita porträtt på kompositörerna Brahms och Schumann

Johannes Brahms & Robert Schumann


Erik Risberg Lecturer

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