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Mozart Symphony No 36 “Linz”

Mozart’s confident and aristocratic Linz Symphony

Symphony No. 36 K 425 – Another “symphony- in -a-hurry”. When Wolfgang and his sister Constanze traveled home to Vienna after a three months trial for reunification with their father, Leopold in Salzburg, they passed Linz. There, old Count Thun resides, and he offers the young ones accommodation – and a concert with the nice musicians. Wolfgang arrives on a Thursday, writes to his father on Friday that he will give a concert on Tuesday and has to make a new symphony because he did not bring any with him.  It was not much time but we have the music today so he obviously succeed.


Mozart Symphony No 36 “Linz” 26 min


Gothenburg Symphony
Christian Zacharias conductor

Recorded for GSOplay 14 November 2018

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