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Symphony No. 4 “Romantische”

On one level, this music can be seen as a romantic depiction of nature on the country-side, both gentle and magnificent.

Bruckner has described how he envisioned a medieval town which after the reveille opens its gates for knights on horseback. In the magic, embracing forest, a young couple rest under the rustling treetops, the peasant boy courting his girlfriend who teasingly keeps him at a distance. The hunting horns echo between the trees – the hare is in danger! – and when the tired hunters get something to eat, a folk dance ensues at the camp. The whole symphony ends with a grand “folk festival” that culminates in pure bliss.

Recorded for GSOplay in Gothenburg Concert Hall 6 February 2020.


Bruckner Symphony No. 4 "Romantische"


Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Leopold Hager conductor

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