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Privacy Policy – Göteborgs Symfoniker’s handling of personal data

Göteborgs Symfoniker deals with customer and user personal data according to current legislation. Göteborgs Symfoniker keeps records of the company’s customers and users who have registered themselves or made a purchase at Göteborgs Symfoniker.

The register may contain personal information such as name, postal address, telephone number and e-mail addresses, as well as information regarding delivery, payment and purchase details, address-based profiling and data based on the use of digital services.

Göteborgs Symfoniker may record concerts and events to inform about our activities in different channels. The recordings may also be used for broadcasting in Göteborgs Symfoniker’s own channels as well as in cooperation with third parties.

What are personal data used for?

The information is used by Göteborgs Symfoniker for marketing, information and delivery of tickets and products as well as a basis for statistics and product development. The data can serve as a basis for Göteborgs Symfoniker to be able to customize content, ads and offers from Göteborgs Symfoniker, as well as, where appropriate, our partners.

What do you agree with as a customer?

Göteborgs Symfoniker’s customers and registered users agree that marketing via mail, telephone, or e-mail and text messaging and other digital channels is allowed. Marketing via e-mail and text messaging is regulated by the Marketing legislation.

Who handles and owns the information?

Göteborgs Symfoniker is the sole owner of the personal information collected. We do not sell this information to other companies. Göteborgs Symfoniker will not, without your consent, pass on information about you other than if it is necessary to convey a service or product (eg distribution, printing and retailers). Personal data are disclosed to authorities only when required by law or by authority decision.

How do you return your consent as a customer?

All users are entitled to withdraw consent, request correction / deletion of any incorrect information or request a registry exemption, and block data against marketing. You can do this by emailing

How long is your personal data saved?

Personal data is stored under current user relationship or in accordance with the prior consent. The consent is valid until the user himself declares it and does not end if the service is not used. The consent is also not dependent on any purchase of products.

About cookies

Göteborgs Symfoniker uses so-called cookies and other similar techniques to see how Göteborgs Symfoniker’s digital services are used and to adapt the user experience.


The site has pages that use cookies. The cookie lets us identify you as a user during the time you use the service.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that the site you visit requests to save on your computer. Cookies are used on many websites to allow a visitor access to various features. The information in the cookie is possible to use to follow a user’s browsing.

Two types of cookies

One type saves a file for a long time on your computer. For example, it uses features that tell you what’s new since you last visited the site as a user.

The other type of cookies is called session cookies. While you are browsing a page, this cookie is temporarily stored in your computer’s memory, for example, to keep track of which language you have chosen. Session cookies are not stored on your computer for a long time, they disappear when you close your browser.

Third party cookies used by us

Google Remarketing, which controls ads on the Google Display Network (GDN) or to identify gender and age of our visitors.

The Google Analytics (GA) cookie collects information about visitors using our site. We use the information to see which content is most popular and based on it enhances the user’s experience on the site. The GA cookie contains no information about who you are. We cannot identify you or your computer.

If you want to avoid cookies

To avoid cookies being saved on your computer, you can change the settings in your browser. Keep in mind that if you turn cookies off, some services and/or pages may stop working in whole or in part.

Read Google’s Privacy Policy on how your information is used with Google.

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