Göteborgs Konserthus Ingmar Bergman – a centenary!

Event has already taken place. Where does the music come from? A musical dream play in Bergman's universe with video, light and live music with Gothenburg Symphony.

Concert length: 2 h 30 min incl. intermission Scene: Stora salen
430 SEK Student 100 SEK Group rebate 40 SEK/ticket (at least 15 people)

Event has already taken place

Tribute will be paid to the masterful director of Swedish film at cultural venues around the world in 2018, during the 100-year anniversary of his birth, and the Gothenburg Symphony will also be involved in the celebrations.

If film was his profession, music was his passion: the philosophical question “Where does the music come from?” that he also the whole swedish people in his radio program in 2004, fascinated him throughout his life and opened doors to new artistic achievements and philosophical questions.

This time we approach the mythical director in a dream play of music, video and light, where both musicians and audiences embraces by the Bergman universe.

Bergman´s profound love of music is the starting point, focusing on music by Bach, Beethoven and Bruckner. An not at least at a newly composed piece by composer Jüri Reinvere, who was Bergman’s confident for many years.

During the break, an installation of people’s thoughts about music takes place in a contemplative form in the concert hall. Hang around or return when it suits you.


Subscribers in the Gothenburg Concert Hall and Plus members of the Gothenburg Film Festival get 100 SEK discount and pay only 330 SEK/ticket (ord price 430 SEK). Book at the box office, +46(0)31-726 53 00.


Bach Largo from Keyboard Concerto No. 5, F Minor, Bwv 1056

Reinvere Through the Lens Darkly

Bach Fuga II .Allegro con moto from The Art of Fugue

Bach Canon I. Allegro assai from The Art of Fugue

Bach Allegro moderato from Keyboard Concerto No. 5, F Minor, Bwv 1056

Bach Canon II. Allegro tranquilo from The Art of Fugue

Bach Fuge VII. Andantino from The Art of Fugue

Bartók Elegia from Concerto for orchestra

Bach Air from Suite in D major

Intermission 25 min

Bach Fuge XVI. Allegro Moderato from The Art of Fugue

Zender Der Leiermann from Schuberts 'Winterreise' (1993) Eine komponierte Interpretation

Bach Affettuoso from Brandenburg Concerto No. 5

Beethoven Andante from Piano Concerto No 4

Bach Canon III. Presto non troppo from The Art of Fugue

Bruckner Finale from Symphony No. 4 "Romantische"

Bach Keyboard Concerto No. 5, F Minor, Bwv 105


Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Frank Strobel conductor

Laura Mikkola piano

Arnbjörg Danielsen director

Lene Juhl videokonstnär & rumsdesign

Kasper Stouenborg lighting design

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