Göteborgs Konserthus Emil Brandqvist Trio

Event has already taken place. With their atmospheric and melodic jazz, Emil Brandqvist Trio has established itself at the top of the international jazz scene. Meet a top trio in a unique tonal landscape.

Concert length: 2 h incl. intermission Scene: Stenhammarsalen
345-425 SEK Student 173-213 SEK Youth up to 29 173-213 SEK

Event has already taken place

Over 25 million streams on Spotify. Brilliant reviews and notable concerts at festivals and clubs across Europe. With their atmospheric and melodic jazz, Emil Brandqvist Trio has established itself at the top of the international jazz scene. Meet a top trio in a unique tonal landscape. 

 As a composer, drummer Emil Brandqvist Trio puts the melody first. With that as a starting point, he creates an expression that in mood and tone bears traces of folk music as well as classical music – and bears witness to the organic interplay he has forged with pianist Tuomas Turunen and bassist Max Thornberg. Here they offer a tonal landscape that is as detailed as it is consistent and varied, restful as it is energizing, a precise jazz without role models, just their own. 



Get to know Emil Brandqvist Trio.

Monday 25 September 2023: The event ends at approx. 21.30


Emil Brandqvist Trio

Emil Brandqvist drums

Toumas Turunen piano

Max Thornberg bas

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Nr 1 2023-2024 Emil Brandqvist Trio

Melodisk. Svävande. Luftig. Vacker. Det är några av de adjektiv som lätt infinner sig när det är dags att ringa in den musik Emil Brandqvist Trio bjuder på. Den 25 september 2023 gästar gruppen Göteborgs Konserthus.

Roraima: Music from the Endangered Rainforest
29 Sep 19.30

Jazz composer Sigurd Hole's work contains sound recordings from the Amazon rainforest - a fascinating tonal landscape and a visually expressive concert inspired by the mythology of the Yanomami people.

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Sebastian Studnitzky & JAZZBABY!
30 Oct 19.30

Everything from jazzy art pop to floating excursions in the borderland between jazz, classical and electronic with German Sebastian Studnitzky with band, plus singer Stefanie Boltz's new duo JAZZBABY!

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Free Flying World Duo
20 Nov 19.30

Singer Youn Sun Nah and guitarist Ulf Wakenius, two world stars who let the moment rule. Together they offer everything from American standards via Korean folk songs to well-chosen rock classics.

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Arild Andersen Paves New Way
5 Feb 19.30

One of Norway's all-time leading jazz bassists has handpicked saxophonist Marius Neset, pianist Helge Lien and drummer Håkon Mjåset Johansen. Together they form Arild Andersen Group - the quartet that is constantly breaking new ground.

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Trio in Constant Exploration
18 Mar 19.30

For more than ten years, the Daniel Karlsson Trio has carved out a unique expression rooted in 60s jazz, soul and pop. Together, pianist Daniel Karlsson, bassist Christian Spering and drummer Fredrik Rundqvist offer a constant journey of exploration.

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Jazz on Film
17 Apr 19.30

The golden era of film music with the Gothenburg Symphony, Bohuslän Big Band and guest saxophonist Joe Lovano in a unique fusion led by Vince Mendoza.

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Lars Danielsson & Liberetto
29 Apr 19.30

Frontman in a number of jazz groups - and soloist in his own orchestral works. Here he is within the broad boundaries of jazz together with Gregory Privát piano, John Parricelli guitar, Magnus Öström drums and Arve Henriksen trumpet.

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Percussionist vid pukor med stockar i handen, omgiven av röd sammet.

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