Göteborgs Konserthus A Winter Journey with Peter Mattei

Event has already taken place. Chamber concert: Peter Mattei baritone, Lars David Nilsson piano

Concert length: 1 h 15 min Scene: Stenhammarsalen
190-260 SEK Student 95-130 SEK

Event has already taken place

Schubert’s masterpiece with the incomparable Peter Mattei sounds like a dream come true. 24 songs reflecting all phases of life, from joyful love and deceit to dreams, and the final walk towards darkness and cold.

Including classics such as The Linden Tree, and the final Der Leierman, who plays his hurdy-gurdy in the cold, desolate winter’s night. Schubert surpassed himself in Winterreise, which is among the greatest contributions to the art of song.

There is an incomparable range of expression here, and Peter Mattei, with his opera experience and vulnerable interpretation, is the man to show all the nuances, emotions and moods of this rich piece.

Two weeks after Schubert made the final adjustments to the songs, he passed away in a narrow wooden bed at his brother’s house in 1828.


Schubert Winterreise


Peter Mattei baryton

Lars David Nilsson piano

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