Göteborgs Konserthus The enigmatic friends

Event has already taken place. Family concert: the story of Elgar's loved ones and a cool bulldog with live animations by Grégoire Pont and the vibrant instruments of the Gothenburg Symphony.

Concert length: 40 min Scene: Stora salen
190 SEK Student 100 SEK Children 60 SEK

Event has already taken place

Edward Elgar’s Enigma Variations are a series of pieces about Elgar’s loved ones and a cool bulldog. They will be performed while the French illustrator Grégoire Pont does live drawings on a cinema screen.

With Pont’s skillful hand and the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra’s vibrant instruments, it will be an experience for both young and old eyes and ears.

Exibition: works by Grégoire Pont

Grégoire Ponts specialization in music contexts is that he signs live during the concerts – images that grow in real time infront of the audience’s eyes. This has been the experience of Gothenburg Symphonies’ audience in the set of Gurrelieder 2016 and in the children’s performance The Enigmatic Friends 2018. He has also illustrated the profile pictures for the Gothenburg Symphonies’ all children’s concerts season 2017-2017. During the period 17 april to 14 may, an exhibition with his pictures is hanging on the wall at the wine bar in Stora salen’s foyer.


Elgar Variations on an Original Theme ("Enigma")


Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Anna-Maria Helsing conductor

Grégoire Pont animator

Klara Zimmergren presenter

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