Göteborgs Konserthus Frida Hyvönen

Event has already taken place. Frida Hyvönen embarks on an extensive spring tour!

Scene: Stora Salen Organizer: Luger & KB West
395 SEK

Event has already taken place

With the latest widely acclaimed album “Dream of Independence” behind her, Frida Hyvönen embarks on an extensive spring tour that stops at Gothenburg Concert Hall!

Can you be an individual and at the same time be part of a flock? Is to lead and follow each other’s opposites or is it the same thing?
The questions that were born out of a prematurely interrupted psychoanalysis run like a common thread through Frida Hyvönen’s latest album “Dream of Independence”.
The cover portrait painted by Sara-Vide Ericson gives a key into Frida Hyvönen’s world and leads straight to the new album’s theme.

“She has painted me as a kind of goddess sitting by the river and from this skewed mirror image, from what is there somewhere in the depths, she picks her works.”
“But it takes so much concentration and work to do it. If you are an artistic person who does not sharpen you, the risk is otherwise that it just flows into the sand. ”
The entertainment guide wrote about the album: “Hyvönen is comfortable in his artistry and has focused on refining his songwriting. The songs on the album are beautiful and intimate, and contain melancholy and humor at the same time. ”

Aftonbladet wrote: “It is, as usual, candid and unfiltered about all aspects of life: death, parenthood and menopause. Dramatic piano melodies make the stories feel even more alive. ”

Dagens Industri: “Frida Hyvönen’s latest is an artistic double triumph.”

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