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Event has already taken place. Stockhausen’s iconic Zeitmasse and other pioneers fill this Saturday evening, with Gageego! and conductor Rei Munakata. The Pioneer concept brings you contemporary music in experimental combinations.

Concert length: 1 h 30 min incl. intermission Scene: Stenhammarsalen
210-260 SEK Student 105-130 SEK

Event has already taken place

Gageego! celebrates two pioneers: György Ligeti – who would have celebrated his 100th birthday this year – is celebrated with his wonderful Six Bagatelles for Wind Quintet, and Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007) with the iconic Zeitmasse, the work that brought serialism to the time dimension. We also cast an eye towards the pioneers of the future in Swedish-French composer Madeleine Isaksson’s ingeniously layered web of sounds and timelines, Sondes, and in the Visby-based American Joseph Lake’s sprawling, vast and meditative This is one small stone in an entire city of monuments I am building for you.

Hungarian composer György Ligeti is one of the most important artists of the post-war period. He is in many ways a panorama through which the late musical achievements of the 20th century can be discerned, both through his aesthetic transformations and his varied residence: from labor camps under Nazism, to the avant-garde idealistic Central European mecca in Cologne, to Hollywood star-studded shimmer through not least film director Stanley Kubrick’s recurring use of his music.

Zeitmasse is one of the German pioneer composer Karlheinz Stockhausen‘s real breakthrough works. Like several of Stockhausen’s pieces, there are often shelves of analyzes to delve into. Overall, Zeitmasse is a first implementation of the systematics of serialism in the time dimension. Before that, serialism had only been found in the structuring of pitches, in Zeitmasse Stockhausen goes a step further.

Madeleine Isaksson‘s music is characterized by the floating and shimmering. The meticulous sounds are like layered tonal sculptures. There is a sensibility, and impressionistic color scheme that appears to explain why she decided to settle in Paris many years ago. Isaksson’s music looks organic, as if under the pace of music grows and takes shape – becomes form.

For a number of years, the American composer Joseph Lake has lived in Visby, where he teaches at Gotland’s composer school. An environment and place that is not so strange when you consider the sounds that Lake has been exploring for a long time. His musical appearance is characterized by a silence and a deep fascination for the richness of the individual tone.

This evening we will experience all this, with the Gothenburg-based ensemble Gageego! and conductor Rei Munakata. The ensemble explores contemporary chamber music in a lustful and curious manner, at the highest technical and artistic level. The group regularly collaborates with Swedish and international guests such as Peter Eötvös, H K Gruber and Pierre-André Valade.

The Pioneer concept

The Pioneer concept brings you contemporary music in combination with other forms of expression, such as art, film, audiovisual elements and drama. This season’s six Saturday evenings in the Stenhammarsalen auditorium are a must for anyone interested in cutting-edge artistic expression. With a Pioneer subscription you save 30% compared to ordinary ticket prices!


Get to know the classical pieces.

Get to know the composer Madeleine Isaksson.


Stockhausen Zeitmasse 15 min

Ligeti Ten Pieces for Wind Quintet 15 min

Madeleine Isaksson Sondes 17 min

Lake This is One Small Stone in an Entire City of Monuments I am Building For You 12 min



Rei Munakata conductor

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