Göteborgs Konserthus 100 years of the Gothenburg Symphonic Choir

Event has already taken place. Gothenburg Symphony, Gothenburg Symphonic Choir, Joachim Gustafsson conductor, Maria Forsström mezzo soprano, Peter Schéle presenter

Concert length: 1 h 30 min Scene: Stora salen
430 SEK Student 100 SEK

Event has already taken place

Applause, cheers, standing ovations! That was how the first concert with the Gothenburg Symphony Choir concluded on December 8, 1917. Without a doubt, the happiest person of all was Elsa Stenhammar who founded the choir with the chairman of the Orchestra Association, Peter Lamberg. The anniversary concert on the day 100 years later offers a program where music from Mozart to Björn & Benny is performed, with the Crown Princess couple in the audience.

Elsa Stenhammars´s cousin Wilhelm Stenhammar played the piano in Beethoven’s Choral Fantasy together with the Gothenburg Symphony and the Gothenburg Symphony Choir, led by Hjalmar Meissner at the première concert in the Concert Hall at Heden that cold winter day.

Thanks to the choir, the Gothenburg audience got to hear many of the great and popular works for choir and orchestra, as well as exciting premières. During its 100-year existence, Gothenburg Symphony Choir has held over 850 concerts – most of them in conjunction with the Gothenburg Symphony – and in its jubilee year there will be further splendid performances. Not least the great jubilee concert on December 8, when the joy of singing will flow and champagne corks will pop.

Welcome to the celebrations!

The Crown Princess couple, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, are warmly welcomed guests at the celebration, on the day 100 years after the choir’s very first concert. At that time in 1917 the Crown Prince couple, Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf and Crown Princess Margareta, also honored the choir with their presence.

Photo Anna-Lena Ahlström


Mozart Overture to Le nozze di Figaro 4 min


Brahms Alto Rhapsody 13 min

Andrée Der Morgenstern 3 min

Stenhammar Lenznacht 5 min

Andersson / Ulvaeus Klinga mina klockor 5 min

Andersson / Ulvaeus / Rice Chess: Merano 4 min

Andersson Vilar glad. I din famn 5 min

Diverse Körpotpurri 21 min


Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Joachim Gustafsson conductor

Göteborgs Symfoniska Kör

Maria Forsström mezzosopran

Peter Schéle presentatör

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