Två unga killar, Lucas och Arthur, sitter i olika positioner på var sin stol. De är ledigt klädda. Två unga killar, Lucas och Arthur, sitter i olika positioner på var sin stol. De är ledigt klädda.

Göteborgs Konserthus Poulenc Concerto for Two Pianos

A spectacular firework with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra; Anna Rakitina, conductor; Arthur Jussen, piano; and Lucas Jussen, piano.

Concert length: 2 h incl. intermission Scene: Stora salen
390-550 SEK Student 195-275 SEK Young up to 29 195-275 SEK

Be prepared for a spectacular firework in Poulenc’s Concerto for two pianos. Seated at the pianos are brothers Lucas and Arthur Jessen, a unique synchronized pair. We also hear a new composition about Figaro’s fate as a wedded man. 

What happened after the wedding night? Well, according to composer Elena Langer’s opera, Figaro Gets a Divorce, married life wasn’t easy for Figaro. But this bold and colourful suite from 2016 shimmers and bubbles, as if composed for a film, when the Almaviva family is forced to flee during the turbulent 20th century.

Drama takes also over as the young Dutch brothers Lucas and Arthur Jessen interpret Concerto for Two Pianos by Poulenc, a skilled pianist himself. The piece is playful and very French, with a spectacular back-and-forth between both the pianists and orchestra. Poulenc dedicated the concerto to music-lover Winaretta Singer, whose salons were a melting pot of new music in Paris. 

The acclaimed young conductor Anna Rakitina has already led a handful of well-known symphony orchestras in the US and Europe, including Sweden. To conclude, she leads the Symphony Orchestra in Sergei Prokofiev’s popular suite from Romeo and Juliet. 


Get to know the music.

Get to know composer Elena Langer.

Introduction to the concert

Take a seat in the Great Hall one hour before the concert begins and learn more about the music you will soon experience! You will get the stories behind the music, knowledge of the composers and own reflections about the classical pieces. The introduction last for about 30 minutes, it is free and free seating in the hall. Welcome! 


Langer Figaro gets a divorce, suite 18 min

Intermission 25 min

Wednesday 19 March 2025: The event ends at approx. 21.30


Anna Rakitina conductor

Arthur Jussen piano

Lucas Jussen piano

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