Götaplatsfoajén Point Clouds: Joel Bille with string quartet & Lisbeth Diers

Event has already taken place. Joel Bille has created soundtracks and video games, this time he meets a string quartet and the border-breaking percussionist Lisbeth Diers.

Concert length: 35 min

Event has already taken place

Point Clouds give you boundless and wonderfully unpredictable pop up-elements that surprise and challenge, calm and worry. Watch for the clouds full of experiences during Point Music Festival.

The composer and multi-instrumentalist and sound designer Joel Bille talks about his activities: “I have recently worked a lot with soundtracks and video games. You can also see me on stage with all kinds of instruments in different groups and I also produce my and others’ music. I have a lifelong passion for melodies and are constantly curious about the essence of music, art and video games.”

Meet him during Point Music Festival when he plays the soundtrack to the game Fe (published in 2018) together with a string quartet and border-breaking percussionist Lisbeth Diers. The quartet includes the violinists Agnes Högberg and Kristin Freidzlitz, as well as Alma Möller at viola and Lovisa Samuelsson at cello.

Listen to Fe and some other of Joel Bille’s soundtracks:

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