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Welcome back 2020

Thank you for a wonderful world première of Point Music Festival!

Point Music Festival

23-26 May 2019 the Gothenburg Concert Hall will be transformed. With sound, lighting and design, we’ll create an atmosphere where anything can happen. Welcome to four days of pure magic.

Grand Opening

Love raises us to the skies – and drops us to the ground! Follow Gothenburg Symphony into Point Music Festival and a whirlwind of an emotional violin concerto about passion and doubt.

Life Reflected

A symphonic multimedia experience based on four Canadian women’s engaging life stories, with music, song, dance, spoken word, photography and graphics.


’Across the sky crept the darkness, full of fangs…’ With its origins in the macho world of the Nordic gods the Point Music Festival’s second world première delivers a loaded chamber music drama.


Point Music Festival’s first world première: AIŌN, a dance performance, a visual adventure and a grand symphonic experience with Iceland Dance Company and Gothenburg Symphony.

Point Club

Classic music like you’ve never heard it before, straight from London’s club scene. Gabriel Prokofiev's concept mixes live music and DJs, famous works and club music. Open until 01.00.

Bugge’s Bach

The parameters are set by the baroque period. Jazz pianist Bugge stretches them. An interpretation of the famous Goldberg Variations as you have never heard them.

Kreutzer Sonata

A dramatic story about jealousy and murder, narrated by actor Krister Henriksson. Tolstoy’s classic novella The Kreutzer Sonata is named after Beethoven’s beautiful violin sonat.

Bach Reflections

An intimate and poetic music experience when the virtuosos take their Bach out to different spots in the grand concert hall, and perform one solo piece each in a suite.

Gates of Hell

Rodin's famous sculptural group, The Gates of Hell, was completed while the world war raged. The performance with Norwegian Chamber Orchestra and actor Johan Gry is named after the art work and is a shining protest against the insanity of war.

Pierrot Lunaire

Controversial, expressive, inventive and fun! The melodrama Pierrot Lunaire with the moonstruck clown Pierrot performed with neverending energy, imagination and humour.

In State of Emergency

A powerful, beautiful and gripping choir concert which reflects the feelings many of us experience in these unsettling times. A contemplative, intense experience with strong voices and touching words.

Taking Risks

In the documentary film, here shown for the very first time, we follow a number of singers on their way to the stage via auditions in Stockholm, Zürich, Paris and London. Admission free.

Point Clouds: Ambient concert in quadrafonic sound with Gusten Aldenklint

The sound producer creates music and ambience in quadrafonic surround.

Point Clouds: Art of Spectra

The dance company Art of Spectra shows up with shorter performances and pop-up events in the house during the evening.

Point Clouds: Art of Spectra, Staffan Svensson & Robert Bolin

The dancers in Art of Spectra meet the trumpeter Staffan Svensson - well-known profile in improvisation and jazz contexts - and actor Robert Bolin.

Point Clouds: Audrey Chen

With her home-made synthesizer and traditional and modified techniques, Audrey Chen explores combinations and layers of sound and music.

Point Clouds: Audrey Chen, Lindha Kallerdahl & Nina De Heney

Audrey Chen explores the sounds of the cello and voice, here in a meeting with pioneering jazz singer Lindha Kallerdahl and Swiss double bassist Nina De Heney.

Point Clouds: Jasmine Guffond & Ilan Katin

Experience audio artist Jasmine Guffond who converts digital data into sounding creations, here in a creative meeting with Berlin-based artist Ilan Katin.

Point Clouds: Joel Bille with string quartet & Lisbeth Diers

Joel Bille has created soundtracks and video games, this time he meets a string quartet and the border-breaking percussionist Lisbeth Diers.

Point Clouds: Lisbeth Diers

Solo show with versatile percussionist and composer Lisbeth Diers who has blasted most musical boundaries.

Point Talks

Lunch talk with participants from Point Music Festival under the direction of Camilla Lundberg. Today’s guests: Gabriel Prokofiev, Jan Yngwe, Jocelyn Morlock. Free entry.

Point Talks

After work talk with participants from Point Music Festival under the direction of Camilla Lundberg. Today’s guests: Patricia Kopatchinskaja, Terje Tønnesen. Free entry.

Point Talks

Lunch talk with participants from Point Music Festival under the direction of Camilla Lundberg. Today’s guests: Anna Thorvaldsdottir, Erna Ómarsdottír, Bugge Wesseltoft, Karin Rehnqvist. Free entry.

Panel Discussion: Life Reflected

Meet the people who made powerful Life Reflected - a multimedia show based on four Canadian women's engaging life stories.

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