arrangör: Tranemo kommun /Tranemo kulturskola Chamber Tour: The Symphony’s Brass Ensemble

Event has already taken place. Concerts in Tranemo Sept 8, Åmål Sept 9 and Hedekas Sept 10.

Concert length: 39 min Scene: Tranemo kyrka

Event has already taken place

In early September, musicians from the Gothenburg Symphony are touring in Västra Götaland. The orchestra’s brass ensemble has strongholds in the Nordic countries, and a flair for the sharpest music. You’re invited to harvest many new impressions!

The Symphony’s Brass Ensemble is giving concerts in Tranemo September 8, Åmål September 9 and Hedekas September 10. The same week GSO Baroque is playing concerts in Johannebergskyrkan (Gothenburg) and Skara.



Rautavaara Playground for Angels 12 min

Bach Brandenburgkonsert nr 3 9 min

Blake Sinfonietta 18 min


Musiker ur Göteborgs Symfoniker

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