Gothenburg Concert Hall Experience the concert magic!

Every note taken has the power to set in motion a movement in the atmosphere – a small vibration here and now, with power to carry through generations. Join us in the 2023-2024 season and help create lasting impressions.

Find some of all the irresistible concerts the season has to offer in Gothenburg Concert Hall, the functional gem at Götaplatsen. And you who are up to 29 years old have a record-breaking discount – you pay half the price.

Classical for beginners
Family concerts
Classical gems
World music concerts
Jazz concerts
Concerts with the magnificant organ
Musical adventures

A gem of functionalism on Götaplatsen

It is an experience for all the senses to visit the Gothenburg Concert Hall. The beautiful building is in stylish functionalism with the music in focus. This is a place where unforgettable musical memories are created every week, since 1935.

The Concert Hall