Kvällsvy över Götaplatsen med mysigt ljus i Konserthusets foajé. Kvällsvy över Götaplatsen med mysigt ljus i Konserthusets foajé.

Göteborgs Konserthus Kulturnatta: Autumn cosiness in the Götaplats foyer

Event has already taken place. Relax in the beautiful Götaplats foyer during Kulturnatta! The bars are open and musicians from the Gothenburg Symphony set the mood as the autumn evening descends. Free entry, the doors open 20.15.

Concert length: 2 h 45 min no intermission Scene: Götaplatsfoajén
Free entry

Event has already taken place

Take a moment and relax in the Concert Hall’s beautiful Götaplats foyer while the autumn evening descends. The bars are open and musicians from the Gothenburg Symphony Orchetsra create an atmosphere in the foyer.

There is free entry and the doors open 20.15, limited numbers of seats. Open until 23.00.

A part of Kulturnatta

The event takes place in connection with Kulturnatta – a festival by everyone, for everyone! Here you can explore everything from art, dance, music and theater to themed walks, studio visits and workshops. For all ages and all with free entry.

Programme & participants

8:30 PM
The Gothenburg Symphony Folk Musicians’ Ensemble – Featuring Nicola Boruvka, Hanna Eliasson, Pernilla Carlzon Lindh and Per Högberg – kick off this cultural night with familiar melodies from Dalarna. As an added treat, you also get to experience something locally crafted: “Summer’s Offering,” a composition by our talented violinist, Pernilla Carlzon Lindh. Get ready to swing along! (15-20 min)

9:00 PM
Percussion duel – Lively and sensuously beautiful with hints of gentle waltz rhythms, when Gothenburg Symphony’s percussionists, Martin Ödlund and Walter Witick, invite you to this warmly resonant Toccata for vibraphone and marimba by Anders Koppel. (11 min)

9:30 PM
Decathlon – Gothenburg Symphony’s trumpeter Per Ivarsson and percussionist Martin Ödlund take on the septuple challenge in André Jolivet’s composition “Heptade.” The music moves between landscapes of jazz influences and ancient mysticism, pushing the boundaries of what is even possible to play. (18 min)

10:00 PM
Completely Baroque! – Gothenburg Symphony’s violinist and viola da gambist, Samuel Runsteen, along with Andreas Edlund on harpsichord, guide us deeper into the night during this cultural celebration, with improvisations from the past in a program of Italian and English compositions from the 16th and 17th century. Prepare for a blend of contemplative and wild Baroque music. (24min)

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Percussionist vid pukor med stockar i handen, omgiven av röd sammet.

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