Göteborgs Konserthus Late night: Gageego! in new organ piece

Event has already taken place. A nocturnal sound world with chamber ensemble Gageego! and the concert hall's grand organ, in collaboration with Gothenburg International Organ Festival.

Concert length: 1 h no intermission Scene: Stora salen
210-290 SEK Student 105-145 SEK

Event has already taken place

Step into a nocturnal sound world when the chamber ensemble Gageego! explores the possibilities of the organ and the ensemble in the enormous acoustics of the concert hall.

Inspired by the new concert hall organ, Swedish composer Madeleine Isaksson has written a brand new piece for Gageego! and organ. In tonight’s concert, we get to be part of the premiere.

We also hear Isaksson’s piece Fibers for flute, violin and guitar and Anna Korsun’s Spleen for flute, clarinet, saxophone, violin and cello. And in Germany-based Marina Khrokova’s Installation, the organ’s entire tonal spectrum is explored. Hans Hellsten, professor at Malmö Academy of Music and specialist in contemporary organ music, is the soloist.

Commissioned by Kulturrådet

Gothenburg International Organ Festival

Gothenburg International Organ Festival 2022 welcomes all ages to a world of passion and sound experiences. The festival is Northern Europe’s largest organ festival and has existed since 1994. A number of great musicians take part in workshops and concerts in Gothenburg’s Concert Hall and in Gothenburg’s largest churches.

The Concert Hall Organ

The new concert hall organ with its 9 000 pipes is behind the stage and the vibrations from the bass pipes extend under the floor all the way to the middle parquet.


Get to know the composer Anna Korsun.

Get to know the composer Madeleine Isaksson.

Get to know the composer Marina Khorkova.


Madeleine Isaksson Fibres 10 min

Marina Khorkova Installation 15 min

Anna Korsun Spleen 11 min

Madeleine Isaksson Infiltrations (world premiere) 15 min



Hans Hellsten orgel

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