Göteborgs Konserthus Mahler’s homage to nature

Event has already taken place. Gothenburg Symphony, female choir from Gothenburg Symphonic Choir, The Music Classes of Brunnsbo School, Kent Nagano conductor, Anna Larsson contralto

Concert length: 1 h 40 min no intermission Scene: Stora salen
430 SEK Student 100 SEK Group rebate 40 SEK/ticket (at least 15 people)

Event has already taken place

A musical marathon full of beauty, joy, emotion and drama conducted by Kent Nagano.

The Third Symphony is Mahler’s longest and brightest and according to the composer’s early notes, it has been influenced by nature, flowers, animals, man, angels and love.

These influences enabled wonderful music to emerge that summer in 1896, when Mahler fell in love with the singer Anna von Mildenburg. For large orchestra, female choir and boys’ choir, as well as alto, bursting into “a sweet song that made heaven resound with joy.”



Mahler Symphony No 3 1 h 35 min


Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Kent Nagano conductor

Anna Larsson alt

damkör ur Göteborgs Symfoniska Kör

Brunnsbo Musikklasser children choir

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Percussionist vid pukor med stockar i handen, omgiven av röd sammet.

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