Göteborgs Konserthus Memorial Concert on All Saints’ Day

The magnificent Concert Hall organ brings us together to the tones of Bach, Caccini and Bruckner, with organist Gunnar Idenstam.

Concert length: 1 h Scene: Stora salen
370-530 SEK Student 185-265 SEK

With pieces by Francesca Caccini, Johann Sebastian Bach and Anton Bruckner, Gunnar Idenstam brings us together on All Saints’ Day supported by the full force of the Concert Hall organ.

The organ is called the ”Queen of Instruments”, and for good reason: no other acoustic instrument is as varied in sound and dynamics, from the very weakest, solitary note to massive chords that cause vibrations in the floor and walls, which is guaranteed to happen in Stora Salen, the main auditorium in Gothenburg Concert Hall, when the sound from the more than 9,000 organ pipes fills the room! The instrument is so large that some of the organ pipes have been installed beneath the audience in the auditorium – when you sit on the parquet you can feel the vibrations from the bass pipes!

Konserthusets orgels spelbord fotad på podiet med ett sken kring sig.


Get to know the organist Gunnar Idenstam.


Caccini Lasciatemi qui solo

Caccini Ballo: Il cavalier di Spagna from the opera La Liberazione di Ruggiero dall'isola d'Alcina

Caccini Ciacona

J S Bach Fantasia and fugue in G minor BWV 542 12 min

Bruckner Adagio from Symphony No.8


Gunnar Idenstam soloist

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