Göteborgs Konserthus Mikael Wiehe – The last tour

Event has already taken place. With his new album "The Last Mohican" and the subsequent tour, Mikael Wiehe says goodbye.

Concert length: 1 h 30 min no intermission Scene: Stora Salen Organizer: Frihamnen event & United Stage
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Event has already taken place

Mikael Wiehe says goodbye to the audience with a big tour and a new album.

“A dream we carried on the sea of ​​life / About something great / About something deep / About something boundless and without end”
– Mikael Wiehe, On the sea of ​​life (2021)

For half a century, two things have defined Mikael Wiehe’s artistic career. Partly the eternal journey, the tour without end. Partly the dream of a better world. The former has now soon reached its final destination. The latter is an endeavor that will never cease.

With his new album “The Last Mohican” and the subsequent tour, Mikael Wiehe says goodbye. Farewell to the intense touring that has been his hallmark ever since he first met the audience as the leader of the Hoola Bandoola Band in the 70’s. A love affair with the audience that continued into its solo career with thousands and thousands of concerts around the Nordic region. Still around a hundred a year. Year after year.

Any 75-year-old can afford to step down a bit. Not least one who has released about forty albums and who has steadily maintained a strong position as an important voice in the public debate. Always ready to stand up for justice and equality. But it is also a role that obliges. Mikael Wiehe does not intend to leave us with the wind on the high seas.

On October 29, “På livets hav”, the first single from the upcoming album, will be released. A suggestive poetic depiction of years that have passed and dreams that have been dreamed. About those who never lost sight of the goal on the horizon. No matter how far away it always seemed to move.

A month later, 26/11, it’s time for album release, which is followed on the other side of the year by an extensive tour. 45 dates starting in Norwegian Bergen are topped off with two evenings at Cirkus in Stockholm and then continue into the summer. A dignified farewell to the audience from one of the foremost Swedish artists and songwriters of all time.

What happens next? Mikael Wiehe is not the one to give up in the first place. Where one chapter ends, another begins. Perhaps a hint can be discerned in the concluding lines of “On the Sea of ​​Life”:

“It is a journey that has no end / And our dreams / Our dreams we have left / On the great sea of ​​life”

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