Göteborgs Symfoniker

GöteborgsOperan Music marathon for Ukraine’s music life

A unique day and evening at the GothenburgOpera with musicians from the GothenburgOpera, the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and the Gothenburg Wind Orchestra.

Concert length: 10 h Scene: GöteborgsOperans foajé Organizer: The GothenburgOpera
Free entry

Welcome to an unforgettable experience at the Gothenburg Opera when musicians from three orchestras gather for a music marathon in support of Ukraine’s musical life. On Saturday 28 May, the Gothenburg Opera’s foyer will be filled with song and music from morning to late evening. There will be ensembles of different sizes and combinations – everything from solo cello to large horn ensemble – when about sixty musicians from the city’s three orchestras and singers from the Gothenburg Opera gather for Ukraine.

Details about the event can be found on the GothenburgOpera’s website.

Music marathon for Ukraine’s music life has free admission. You decide if you want to donate money, and if so, what amount *. The money raised will be used in full to support the reconstruction of Ukraine’s music life and music institutions such as schools, orchestras and concert halls. Behind the account is the Royal Academy of Music, which administers the fundraising and distributes the funds to appropriate institutions in Ukraine. The donated funds will be able to be used for the purchase of new instruments and other necessary equipment such as notes and technology.

Behind the initiative is the Gothenburg Opera, whose conductor Andreas Lönnqvist called a Ukrainian colleague to ask what Swedish musicians could contribute. The answer was: “Buy instruments – ours is burning up.” For the Gothenburg Opera, the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, the Gothenburg Wind Orchestra and the Ukrainian colleagues, culture is an indispensable part of life – both now and when Ukraine will one day be rebuilt.

*Swish number to the fundraise: 1232794741


Musicians from GothenburgOpera Orchestra, Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and Gothenburg Wind Orchestra
Singers from GothenburgOpera

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