Göteborgs Konserthus An Albanian Musical Treasure

Event has already taken place. Traditional local folk music from southern Albania about struggling shepherds, heroism, family tragedies and longing – a treasure in the hands of the grandiose ensemble Saz’iso.

Concert length: 2 h incl. intermission Scene: Stenhammarsalen
230-300 SEK Student 115-150 SEK

Event has already taken place

Saze is a form of traditional local folk music from southern Albania. For decades the songs were not heard, and the ancient stories of struggling shepherds, heroism, family tragedies and longing were not told. But then a well-known music producer from London heard about the grandiose ensemble Saz’iso and their musical treasure.

Saz’iso, with singers Donika and Adrianna, are from the village of Përmet, which is the very heart of Saze. For many years the ensemble were the pre-eminent exponents of this style of music. But due to glasnost and perestroika and the fall of the wall, the group’s members were scattered and the music fell into oblivion. However, following the release of Saz’iso’s latest album, the music has gained new and well deserved recognition. The album was produced by the legendary music producer Joe Boyd, who has previously collaborated with greats such as Nick Drake and Pink Floyd.

Get in the mood for the concert

Do not miss DJ Said who warms up the audience before the doors to the magical Stenhammar Hall open!


Friday 24 February 2023: The event ends at approx. 21.30



Donika Pecallari vocals

Adrianna Thanou vocals

Robert Tralo vocals

Aurel Qirjo violin

Telando Feto clarinet

Agron Murat luta

Pëllumb Meta flöjt, sång

Agron Nasi ramtrumma

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