Koncentrerade barn spelar cello Koncentrerade barn spelar cello

Scandinavium Side by Side 2024: Festival Concert

Event has already taken place. A massive music manifestation in Scandinavium with more than 2000 young musicians and singers from all over the world side by side with Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and Vocal Ensemble!

Concert length: 1 h 30 min no intermission
175 SEK Children 75 SEK

Event has already taken place

Welcome to celebrate the summer with the international music camp Side by Side! Festival Concert is a massive music manifestation where over 2000 young musicians and singers participate, together with Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. We get to take part in what the participants have rehearsed during the camp days and the magnificent program includes both classical music pieces, film music and a tribute to one of the heroes of Swedish childrens music, Georg Riedel.

During Festival Concert, over 2000 choir singers and orchestral musicians of mixed ages perform together with the entire Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra in Scandinavium arena. They form massive choirs and orchestras in various combinations for a powerful musical manifestation, all under the direction of the camp’s renowned conductors, Ron Davis Alvarez, Emilia Hoving, Marjolein Vermeeren, and Birgitta Mannerström-Molin.

Barn spelar med orkester i arenan Scandinavium

The concert in Scandinavium Arena attracts over 2 000 participants. 

A grand musical experience

Festival Concert offers symphonic music in various forms, magnificent choral songs, and film music in powerful arrangements. These include How Far I’ll Go by Lin Manuel Miranda from Disney favorite Vaiana, in a new arrangement by Henrik Torolphi. Another highlight will be the children’s choir classic Vi är blommor (We are Flowers) by Georg Riedel.

Festival Concert marks the end of the music camp for many of the participants, but Side by Side also offers several other concerts during the week. The selection includes, among other things, the choir concert Choirs in Concert and the symphonic concert Closing Concert, where you get the opportunity to listen to the virtuosos of the future today. The full program can be found here.

Tuesday 18 June 2024: The event ends at approx. 16.30


Deltagare från musiklägret Side by Side

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